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New design of vacuum press model,E3

    • control by PLC and color HMI 7in
    • equipped with membrane for bending MDF also for working with natural veneer
    • has a hydraulic lift with tow-way jack
    • dimensios of table ; 3m * 1.4m
    • vacuum pump ; 250m3/hr

The first and only producer of higlass rolling press and Painting in Iran

The best producer of woodworking machinery in five years

The first and the best producer of vacuum press in Iran

The first and only manufacturer of cnc with a close loop controller in Iran (Controller osai of Italy)

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Getting the standard logo from the European Union for the products of this company in 2012 and exporting machinery to the countries of Turkey, Oman, Iraq, Kurdistan, Erbil, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan is a certificate of honor for this complex and it is a sign of technical authority and knowledge of this company.

About us

Machine-building "Dorfak Machine" was established in 2006 based on the knowledge and technical ability of Iranian young engineers and based on research and development in the field of construction and promotion of wood machinery industries inside the country.
In the first year of its establishment, the press machine was first introduced to the wood industry by the company in the country, and in the wake of the success of "Dorfak Machine" in 2011 and 2012, the first hot and cold roller presses with a width of 122 and 183 To the domestic market.

The production of the first fully automatic dyeing line produced in the country for painting sheets up to 183 cm in width in 1392 is another gold leaf in the history of woodworking machinery in the country. Following the path of progress and excellence, and due to the lack of modern technology in domestic CNC machines, in the year 2015, the close cooperation between the company and the company Osai of Italy was formed, which resulted in the production of machine tools with the most modern and world-class technology and the highest Quality level.

Some products

vacuum press E

CNC flat 1830

vacuum press B2


vacuum press C

vacuum press B1

vacuum press model,E3

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Office address: unit 506, No 129, In front of sepah bank, after sarv crossroad, saadat abad, tehran, IRAN

Phone: 02126742546- 02144844209 - 02122097102

Email : rezakeshavarz971@gmail.com